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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shepherd's Promise School?

Shepherd’s Promise School is a high quality preschool program for under-resourced children ages 3 through 5 in Greenville, S.C.  At SPS, we want children and families to feel supported, loved, and motivated to succeed!  Our vision is for students to:

  • Enjoy small class sizes (no more than 10 students per class)

  • Receive instruction from state certified teachers

  • Offer individualized learning to meet each child’s educational and personal growth goals


Students will leave SPS and enter kindergarten meeting – if not exceeding – South Carolina public school grade level requirements. Our goal is to help every student build the confidence they need to succeed in their educational journey, as well as support our families to create positive learning environments for their children.

We will OPEN SOON! Please check back for the latest updates. 

What makes Shepherd’s Promise School different from other preschools and kindergarten programs?

We are a not-for-profit private preschool offering high quality academic, social and emotional instruction for students ages 3 through 5. One of our main differences is that every class of no more than 10 students will be led by a state certified teacher.


Research shows us that children from low-income families are less likely to attend preschool than their more affluent peers. According to the 2015 report, “A Matter of Equity: Preschool in America,” …”Scores in reading and math were lowest for kindergartners in households with incomes below the federal poverty level and highest for those in households with incomes at or above 200 percent of the federal poverty level. Without access to quality preschool...children from low-income families, are far less likely to be prepared to start kindergarten than their peers.”


We believe every child should have access to a high quality preschool education, regardless of their income level. We will provide a nurturing school where every child feels supported, loved, and motivated; where their natural belonging invites them to achieve a higher quality of life, develop strong character, and become successful contributors to their community.


We also believe in cultivating a spirit of empowerment in our staff to relentlessly dream and fight for the betterment of the community by continuing to use the most innovative strategies.

Where are you located?

We are located inside Trinity Church of Greenville, at 100 Pete Hollis Blvd., Greenville, SC. Being so close to the heart of Greenville’s downtown gives us a myriad of options to explore and learn with our students. Whether it’s a field trip to the Greenville Zoo, or identifying plants along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, we’re excited to take advantage of our central location, and incorporate it into our teachable moments with our students.

How is your curriculum developed? What will students know leaving SPS to enter first grade?

SPS will follow the South Carolina Early Learning Standards.  Our curriculum will encompass literacy and theme based units, project based learning, STEM activities. A stem table and math manipulatives in our classroom will prompt creative thinking and problem solving.  Our Imagination Stations will allow growth through play. Our selection of books will help with language development and acquisition as well as, promote and encourage family discussions and support.  Our success will be measured through portfolio assessments for each child noting how they are reaching each learning target and mastery of each South Carolina Early Learning Standard, all the while further preparing students for first grade.

How are you funded?

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization. We operate our program from the generous donations of individuals and community grant organizations. All donations made to Shepherd’s Promise School are fully tax deductible, and will go towards allowing under-resourced children to have access to high quality preschool education.

How do you select students for enrollment?

We will conduct a parent and child interview.  A lottery could take place if we have more than 30 applicants.

What is expected of families of students who attend SPS?

Families will be asked to participate in our Family Education Nights once per month.  We also ask that families participate in at least two fundraising activities at the school per year.  

How much does it cost for a student to attend SPS?

Our application process will ask for students to provide financial data regarding their household income.  This part of the application will be similar to the Ron Clark Academy sliding tuition payment scale. Families will be notified whether their child may attend the school for free or at a rate determined by their income level. More details about tuition costs will be coming soon!

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